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 Founded in 2004, and having conducted more than 500 performances in over 60 countries on 6 continents, Hanggai has become one of the most prestigious and recognized Chinese bands on the international stage. Hanggai taps into the roots of Mongolian folk music in depth whilst integrating them with contemporary rock music. Founded by Beijing-based rocker Ilchi, the band drew its members from Inner Mongolia and Kokonuur. Together, the members perform on a variety of traditional instruments – from tobshuur (a two-stringed banjo) to morin khuur (horsehead fiddle) – alongside Western drum sets and electric guitars to create music with Mongolian characteristics. With a strong belief in nature and life, Hanggai has melded Mongolian history and traditional culture into a modern music creation and performance, conquering a global audience with a highly penetrating and infectious music unlike any other.

Hanggai rocketed to fame when they won Season Two of Sing  My Song, a China music show that is the equivalent of The Voice in the US. On the show they were tutored by the legendary singer 

Liu Huan.

Our Sound & Inspirations

The members of Hanggai come from diverse backgrounds with singer Ilchi having once been the front man of punk band T9. These eclectic experiences have come together to give Hanggai a particularly unique sound blending Mongolian folk music with more popular forms such as punk. In an interview with Spinner, Ilchi stated that amongst the group’s many influences, Western artists such as, "Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Rage Against the Machine, Secret Machines, Electralane and Neil Diamond…" have played a large role in shaping the band’s music. Indeed, although the core of their sound is based around the morin khuur and the topshur, two traditional instruments, the band also incorporates some much less traditional fare.  In their each albums, the band also made heavy use of electric guitars, computer programming, bass, and banjoes in order to create a more seamless and modern sound.

Coming to America and the World!

We have lots of exciting news to share:

In November 2018, we begin recording our 8th Album in Vancouver teaming again with legendary producer, Bob Ezrin,  best known for his work with Lou Reed, Alice Cooper, Kiss, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Peter Gabriel, and Phish.  

While we have always performed in major festivals and toured the world, that activity has largely been in Europe and China. In 2019, we will tour the United States so stay tuned for tour dates .

Hanggai has also begun an exciting collaboration called "Symphonic Rock" with Tan Dun, the Oscar winning composer for Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, “Symphonic Rock is a dialogue between symphony and rock ‘n’ roll,” says Tan Dun. “Bach talks to rock, Wagner to Kublai Khan. The music can contain so many different elements, and we’re taking folk to the future.” On February 13, 2019, they will be performing with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra in Australia to kick off Chinese New Year. https://www.mso.com.au/whats-on/2019/chinese-new-year-east-meets-west/

Hanggai performs on sing my song

Hanggai won Season Two of Sing My Song under the guidance of Lui Huan. 

Hanggai performs with jike junyl

Fantastic performance with Jike Junyl from The Voice of China

Tan Dun and Hanggai

Symphonic Rock with Tan Dun, Oscar winning composer of Crouching Tiger, Hidden dragon, Hanggai and the Shanghai Symphony at MISA 4

Bob ezrin and hanggai

CGTN profiles collaboration between Bob Ezrin and Hanggai


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